Joseph Polanco

Joseph Polanco

CEO of Nexus Labs, LLC | Inventor of Saske

Dedicated to empowering those whose basic needs continue to be ignored and enabling the world at large to benefit from game-changing technological advancements. Inspired to make the unprecedented benefits of blockchain technology a reality for everyone, beginning with the world’s most vulnerable. Leading the creation of a neighbor-to-neighbor economic system built from the bottom up enabling everyday people to fuel their upward mobility, better their communities and actualise global green solutions.

  • Serial Startup Founder
  • CEO/Founder of Nexus Works | An education venture builder supporting early stage startup teams through every step of the Customer Development/Retention process.
  • CEO/Founder of Nexus Labs, LLC | A platorm providing highly scalable and customisable technologies to solve today’s biggest economic, energy, communications, healthcare and housing challenges.
  • Project Lead | | A breakthrough, cutting edge time-hacking solution for social communications users (Saske’s predecessor).

Expert in Strategic Planning, Startup Development, Financial Analysis, Asset Management, Insurance, Networking and Communications, Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurship, Lead Generation and Marketing Strategy.

Chad Davidson

Chad Davidson


Lifelong entrepreneur whose afterschool program as a child involved learning ethics and marketing through immersion in his parents’ two businesses. Taught from a young age to fight for what is desired, now enables anyone to master the skills needed to launch and sustain a successful start up through his initiation of Accelerate U. After finishing MBA’s in Venture Capital and Public Accounting, created Boyd Services, LLC, to guide entrepreneurs and bridge the chasm between a great idea and a funded investment.

  • Adept at Successfully Pitching International Investors
  • Developer of Proven, Systematic Approach to Massive Action Plans and
  • Financial Planning
  • Presentation Skills
John Shipp

John Shipp

Director of Global Technology

John Shipp is a veteran in the field of technology with 30 years of experience as a programmer and 20 years of professional experience as a web development and technology expert. He holds professional certificates from MIT and CompTIA and has a diverse background working for Inc. 500 companies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and a number of startup companies.